22 June 2008

the trend of Euro Champ 08

So the trend for Euro Champ 08 will be
'all popular-potential teams would lose,
& lower standard-unexpected teams will win'


I'm currently blogging with Janelle's laptop while watching Euro match's

2nd extra time, Netherland VS Russia. & the result is DRAW!

Seriously WTF! Matches nowadays are unpredictable!

Lucky Van Nistelrooy the hero of Netherland goaled at the last 5 mins,
if not Netherland will lose!

Still, Netherland played badly today. Their standard dropped lors!
They got no chance to even send the ball near goalie. Damn!

**While i was tying this, Russia got another goal!

The goal keeper did saved quite a number of difficult angled balls,
but those 2 goals Russia got can easily be saved if he would to just reach
out his hand & not just staring at the ball rolling lors! Fuck!
My mom can do better seriously!

****Another one more goal for Russia!

Sibei dulan eh! My eyes are barely opened while watching the match.
Was darn tired. My day was with Darling Boy & Janelle.

Sigh sigh. Darling Boy must book in tomorrow night. Poor thing.
Will not be seeing him till Saturday. Another long long 7 days!
Cheebong arhs! I meant.. cheebye!

Staying over at Janelle's house tonight. :)

LOL. Whatever. Bye!

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