03 June 2008


Soooooo many June babies!

Before i forgot,
Hope you enjoyed your big day uh! Much loves!

I don't pin hope on the casting at all.
Cos' there's like so many pretties out there!
Saw a few familiar faces too! :)

Joanne's kbox celebration was fab. I really hope she enjoyed!

Drinking with boyfriend is love! Cos' its alright to be unglam & shag infront
of him. Hahahahahahahaha.
Gosh.. All went like so high towards the end. Madness!

Anyway, fcuk the army or whosoever ok.
Better don't ill treat my boy when he's in there. LOL!
He's like leaving in less than 48 hours time! Ooommmgggg!
Seriously, fcuk fcuk fcuk!

I used to say things like... "Bf go army good what, nobody control me liaos."
& many who experienced bf serving ns told me it's vice verse.
Come to think it's really stupid, cos JANICE LOVES ATTENTIONS FROM BF!
Now i rather you control control control me, even the time i eat & shit.
LOL! Ok, lame.
I got to accept the fact of not be able see him for a whole bloody 14 days plus
2 years of only weekends book out. Can die arhs!

Tags replies:

Wings(alwin): Hi c my blog got 1 video uploaded very funny.
and ya haven link me... opps sorry u link le lol, too many link can't see mine haha
REPLY: okok. i'll go see. hahas. too many friends? =X

Isabellee: Heya ! Saw you yesteray at the casting (: Link me ya babe ! (:
REPLY: yes babe! LOL. how u managed to link to me? i'll link ya soon k. :)

angiee: nice pics girlie! oh ya, culd u sms me ur no. again! lost my sim card x(
using same no. still!
REPLY: LOL! thanks thanks! aiyoyo, ok i will!

cherylhee: yea...real busy babe!haha
REPLY: ya lors ya lors! & that quit-smoking event's pay is like super long eh!

jerald: thanks for the bd song!! haha. was shocked to see it~ we're now both LEGAL.
REPLY: hahahahaha. i can sing for u too if u want! :P Yay! LEGAL for almost everything!

val: haha, i lke that song too (:
REPLY: we sang it like shit in kbox sia! but nice nice!

janelleee: haha.. shirley temple is a mocktail, not a cocktail luh! HAHA! loves!
REPLY: LOL! i just realised it too! okok, MOCKTAIL!

jojo: patched back alr? haha! congrats!
REPLY: yeahs! why is everyone congratualating me?!

bing~: hi janice! it was nice working..No no i shud say, nice slacking with u!
haha! nice pics u have. work wit u soon ya!! take care:)
REPLY: hi girl! i sent u a friendster reply ald! hahas. i wanna work with u,
if not i dun wanna work lors. thanks for ur comment sweetie! <3

Wings(alwin): link u le u haven link me... o ya 1 more think i got a blog shop too, http://www.disneylimited.blogspot.com/
REPLY: okies. i've link ur personal blog ald! Omg. you got a blogshop too..

janelleee: ))): no need later luh. now alr left on the shelf. ))):
REPLY: no lors, lovely. more than a dozen of bees flying around you now huh! ;)

jw: added u on msn
REPLY: okok. can!

lynn`: GRATS~! =DD
REPLY: erms.... yeahs!!!!

PS: Too many problems ahead. & i foresee another one shortly.
Why am i so naive? Sigh.

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