12 June 2008


Balacalva is pretty happening last night.
But i hate to mingle lahs!
At first was kinda stress... but towards the middle was damn busy.
Busy till we don't even need to mingle & tada, end of work!

Was rather shagged when i reached home.
Webcam-ed with Ying Xian & we chatted the topic on 'boyfriends'.

Started taking pictures of myself..

We lame-ed till 2plus in the morning. Went to wash up & off to ZzZ..
& then.....
Received message from Val telling me Joanne & her is not going school today.
So i went back to sleep, telling myself that if i wakes up on time, i'll go school.
If i overslept, then continue sleeping. HAHAHA.
That is obviously an excuse cos' i SURELY will overslept by waking up at 7.15am,
& wanting to wake up again at 7.40am.
Soooo... i am here blogging..

I need some serious mugging tonight.
5 topics to be tested, all essays! Hell!

I'm texting with Darling Boy now!
It has been don't-know-how-many days since we last sms-ed in the day!
Can you imagine how happy i am! *smiling to the phone like a retard*

Janelle, i know you'll be reading this. (Just that i don't know when)
I'm missing out freaking lots from you!
There's so much you need to update me, bitch!
Not even a phonecall or messages from you for soooo long!
You can stop nagging me Bf over you, cos' you know i still love you k!
I'm still very very busy with my school & stuffs, i think you too right?
Hope you're doing fine! I missssss you lots!

P/S: Sometimes i rather Darling Boy doesn't call me in the night,
i'll miss him so much more whenever we hung up the phone. :(

P/P/S: Please do not 'idolized' me so much, stop making me so proud of myself.
You freaks me out man!

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