24 June 2008

weekends love!

Friday evening was spent at Pasir Ris waiting for Darling Boy to book out!
You know, its damn interesting to see all the girlfriends, or families looking
out for their army boys.
I mean families, meaning the whole family. (ah gong, ah ma, parents, siblings....)
& the expressions on their faces are kinda amusing,
cos all looking so blurred trying to look for their army boys.
I understand why. You know why?
Cos all botaks in army uniform looked alike!
I was practically straining my eyes to spot Darling Boy until he called me.

So after almost an hour of the time Darling Boy told me, i finally saw him!
& his 'brothers'. LOL.
He's like soooo tanned. Red like lobsters!
Yeahs, sweaty & smelly!

Tell you guys one secret...
Janice got fetish with guys in uniforms!
I find NS guys especially cute in their uniform!
Be it Army, Navy, or Police. They look very smart, me like!

So we cabbed to his house. Then, helped him with his laundry.
My task was to hang the clothes from the washing machine to the bamboo stick.
Ok. I sucked at it! I sucked at house chores! Cos i don't do them at home!

I pity my future husband. Cos he must must must hire a maid.
If not, we'll all be living in a pig style & starve ourselves to death.
I can only bake, provided if i got the mood which is rare. :)

Cabbed home & sleeeepppp.
Was woke up by Darling Boy the next morning.
I prepared like super long! Get him his late lunch as the poor boy was waiting
for me like real long. Hahas.

So headed to meet Janelle & someone to Vivo!
We caught the movie 'You don't mess with Zohan'.
Funny funny. It's all about sex sex sex. A dumbfuck show! LOL!

Parted with Janelle, & it was me & Darling Boy looking a place for dinner.
You know, he's like sooooo picky! Don't want eat this, don't want that..
I thought everything will be heaven to NS guys?? LOL.
We ended up walking rounds & rounds in Vivo aimlessly.

& i saw Liyah with her bf!!!!!!

Then, Darling boy have the sudden crave for Fish & Co.
I suggested the glass house's & vooommm... we're there!

That botak of mine! Look so much like a boy boy!

His single seafood platter, my New York fish & chips
& the super big glass of pineapple don't know what drink!

Pardon my awkward mouth. I am eating sweet while snapping this.
Yaya. I know, lashes dropping off too.
His fault lahs, speed so fast till my lashes gonna fly off. LOL!

I'm fair, & he's black!

We headed near his house area & he chatted with his friends.
So poor me stood there for an hour plus listening to their NS experiences.
Pretty interesting though.

Headed back to his house in the midnight.
Slacked awhile & off i go to Janelle's place for a sleepover.

We are to catch the Netherland VS Russia match!

Speaking of the match makes me blood boils! Grrrr...
That silly girl doze off after 1st half of the match.

So the next afternoon, we started playing with the cosmetics.
She 'painted' my face for me!


(no makeup, but with colour lens on. taken on a good complexion day.)
I knew about the eye bag or rather dark circles lors! Shut up!

After the 'white frost peppery' look!

How you guys think??
Don't tell me without makeup looks nicer, i'll slap u!
Didn't get to meet Darling Boy on Sunday. Cos i have to go home after a whole
long weekend spent outside.
Muacks! You know still love you ya!

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