09 July 2008

i'm busy.. shall reply to my tagss soon! :)

Have you guys heard of 'Chiropractic' ???
It is something like chinese phsycian's Tui Na.
But not lahs. Something to do with adjusting your spinal cord/backbone.

I was doing a roadshow on it. &&& it was damn sucky lors.
Complaints and talk behind our back, but smile wink to me infront.
Why so fake? LOL.

He is Juliet's boyfriend, named Alan Romeo!
This pic is by accident i swear! So candid!

I find him so look like the DJ 'Zhou Chong Qing' lors!

Yeahs. Saw my title...

Work is so fucking bored. It's the most boring event ever?
Jobscope is to give out flyers and balloons around my booth area, inside the
shopping mall with aircon, with the bosses & managements all caucasians.
Sounds pretty good uh??
But standing for a hardcore 9hours is not an easy thing!
Plus, can't really chat much cos' the managements is soooo fussy lors! Fuck.

Was totally wasted by end of the day.
Lucky sweet parents came all the way to East to fetch me home to West.
Hahahaha. Spoilt brat, me.
&&& of cos', my dear army boy's call is one of the best thing i had out of the
whole day!

5 more days before the event ends... Boring! :( :(
Will not be doing full 6 days due to photoshoot & boyfriend day!
Shall skip work. LOL!

Quite pleased with my plans for the 1st week of July. Hmmms...
2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks????

Alrighty. Shall get a shower, pile up some powders & off to go!

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