06 July 2008

clubbing is fun

Twisted Tale Night @ MOS!!!

You know. Exam is over!
& finally spells h-o-l-i-d-a-y!!!!!!

Went boyfriend's house to meet him first before cabbing to Kallang Leisure Park
to meet Aaron.
That dude told me there's some Tamiya thingy inside with models i might
know in the shopping mall upon us reaching.

I went in & i saw..... Jojo, Queenie & Candice lahs!
Like so omgosh-coincident that Jojo was having event there when we already
planned to club together in the night!
Boyfriend & I each had a 'Tamiya tattoo' pasted by Jojo. :)

Then, we headed to the movie theatre & caught 'Wanted'!
It's all about killing & all the bloody & people dying scene, very not reallistic eh..
but great for a movie! Not bad not bad!

After movie was late dinner at Pastamania!
All famished despite the popcorn. Had a real quick one, waited for Aaron to
be off from work & headed Hooters to look for my girls!

Hell, i wore like super slack to the club lahs.
A demin shorts & black speg top plus heels. I didn't really know what to wear.
I've got lots of clubbing gears... really sexy, clubber kind!
But if i would wear that i'll be so over-dressed. & prolly boyfriend wouldn't
be able to take it. LOL!

It was a great virgin MOS night!
I had fun partying with all the babes & hunks!
The whole Smooves is extremely packed lahs!
Get into the situation only with the help of Chivas. Hahas.
Anyhow... More to come, more to come!

Party-ed with Gillian, Iris, Celeste, Jojo, Jasonz, Gavin, Pikachu, Aaron &
my Darling Boy!
Not forgetting those that i met there... Kylie, Jasmine, Eileen, & a singtel coordinator!

[We saw Fiona Xie when we're about to leave. Saw her at the entrance aka exit area.
She was with a few 'ang-moh' & not long after she went off driving.
Everyone was practically setting their eyes on her, her car, & the 'ang-mohs' lors!
Needless to say, she's hot! Other than her height uh! Hahas.]

Left at 4 in the morning. Then went to boyfriend's house till 6plus & cabbed home
to sleep!

Boyfriend left his SAF id with me... so he had to make a trip down to my house
before booking in. LOL.

Another long long week not be able to see him.. :(

No pictures. Was too busy for any pics..

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