28 July 2008

damn the cheena-poks

If you have been following on my blog,
you will remember that i've once blogged about my 'new neighbours'.
So you know, i got very irritated by them.
I hate cheena-poks!

The unit besides me stays 8 fucking China men.
So they always go out in a small groups of 3 or 4, or they will go out the
whole group together in a mini lorry.

You know,
they never failed to talk damn loud or sing songs when
they walked past my house
They are such a big group thus, it's frequency is damn small.
Sometimes, they even came back in the middle of the night.
I've got no problems with that, but can't they have the courtesy to shut their
mouth? Need to sing so loud mehs?
People not sleeping also will get shock to their wits ok! Damn it!

Sometimes even worst, i happened to bump into them in the lift.
Squeezing with 4 or 5 fat men, with their eyes preying on me.

Sometimes.... they even slowllllyyyy drove past me & honk!
Followed on by some pervertic winks!
Sick man! Horny bastards!

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