23 July 2008

holiday=photoshoot spree

Got fucking irritated by some kids.

Yesterday was a long long day filled with shoots.
Am late for almost an hour for a shoot in the late morning. HAHA.
I'm not on purpose, just that travelling takes a long timw you know!
Yeahs. That shoot with that photog. If you understand what i meant. :)

Under scorching sun with long sleeves. I think i'm nut. LOL.
My eyes couldn't even open at all. Jeesh~
It was super casual & super candid. I think all the pics will turn out to be
candid instead of proper shoot uh!
Pics above are from yesterday's shoot!

*anyway, some happenings in the train*

Went home to change, wash up & re-makeup, and cabbed over to pick
Janelle up & accompany her for her shoot.
It's her shoot, not mine lahs. So i'm her 'manager' for the day.
Helping her to take her stuffs, answer calls, & flat cab.
So my gain for that day was a BK meal! LOL!

Ok. Got a shoot today at Tanjong Pagar later.
I think i damn pro liao lors. Can do up full makeup in only 15mins!

My 2 weeks of holiday just flew past like that!
I haven't even went for my shopping and enjoyment!
Boyfriend is not here for me, friends got their own stuffs to busy on.
I can only take up more & more shoots to get myself occupied.

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