01 July 2008

me likes...

I simply dig photoshoots cos i can try all kinds of expressions & feels,
can wear all nice clothings(which gives me reasons to shop for more dresses),
can get to have many nice nice pictures, & also ugly candids(photogs like doing that)!
Best of all, its captures the growing up of me! Every month, every year....
I adores myself really alot! Yeahs... i think there's something not right up there. =P
I'm not in shoots for years, but i do pay to get myself makeover almost every year
since young.

Anyway.... Any photogs wanna shoot me??
I wanna fill up my holiday & earn more moolahs! HAHAHA.

I need my long fringe back! I get sick of my bangs very easily.
Bangs are cute but hell nooo sexy feel! Can't even act sexy with it. Hahas.

Thought of putting on hair extensions.
I know my own real hair is loooooonnnnggggg!
But i want it to be thicker & waist length long. Only a few cm more..

Or maybe i should perm some loose curls. Big loose curls makes me melt lors!
Then i'll extent curls extensions till waist length. ;)
Uh huh.. so 'underage-girl' (if you understand what i'm talking about) i know.


A random add-on:

I miss my army boy!
Didn't get to see army boy for very long as our meetup during his 2nd book out
is only a few hours.
:( :( :(
Me don't like lors! Can't the SAF give them a few hours more outside?!
NEVER get to meet him on Saturday. Met him only on Sunday afternoon for a
movie & my late lunch!
We caught "Get Smart!". It's an action movie. Exciting!
You know, this boy is having sore throat & he's like kept eating popcorns.. LOL.
It's like very bad not allowing him to eat, cos he don't get to have these
"delicacies" in camp. But... it's heaty mahs!

An abrupt ending...
Good day, people!

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