21 July 2008

irresponsible photog

Bad experience with an irresponsible photog.

Shoot was set at Serangoon,11am today.
Usually i used to cab, but i took the train instead cos' it was a TFCD one -.-
Supposingly, i left house at bout 10.
It was drizzling at my area, but thought it was not at the north.

Was fuming mad that with him that our conversation went like this.

Smsed him at 10.34am when i'm already in he train to double confirm:

Hey hey. The shoot is today right??

Raining. Gotta postpone.

Dots.. I already out of house lehs! How?

*no replies from him*
*waited for 10mins for his reply & started calling him*
*10 missed calls to him. That's it. (FYI, i'm already at Redhill)*

Hey. Is this a trick or scam? Y didn't u pick up my calls?
Please kindly call or text ur models earlier in advance if u sensed any
wrong in the weather before the model get on the way ok. U should at
least picking up my 10 missed calls if u r responsible enough.
Wad if i've already reached n i didn't text u? So i'll be the stupid one
waiting down there? U r not professional. I'm not going to take the
shoot anymore.

Sorry eh. Cannot leh. Over here rain rain.

Please inform earlier can? I already halfway out! Now heading back
like dumb.

Sorry! I didn't mean to. It's my mistake. Forgive me.

I know my words r a lil harsh to you. But can't blame mi that i'm so
pissed lors. I called u so many times, halfway alighted the train n
head back cos totally no replies from u. Luckily i took the train
instead of usually cab.

I dun blame u. I really am sorry.

Chee-bong! Wasted my time!


I especially like yesterday's set of shoots.
Michael is efficient! Shooted, went for dinner with parents, back home
washed up, online, & tadah - pictures in my mailbox!
Shoot was damn fun & relaxed with the other models like Selina & Quenmantha, plus
their boyfriends!
We chat & chat & chat & was exploring pictures!

Photoshoot-ing is addictive! But highly power generated(tiring)!


I did not really quarelled with my boyfriend lahs.
& i am not angry already. It's only that min of anger.
He's so lovable, how can i get angry for so long!
Thanks all lovelies for all ur sweet messages!
Omg! I feel so loved! & i realised all of you sided him instead of me!
I wouldn't be replying them. Please respect my decision.
Will pop by u girl's blog to reply perharps. HAHA.

Darling Boy is away for field camp this week meaning he wouldn't get to
book out or call me!
& sway sway i missed his calls due to celebrating Mama's birthday.
He need to surrender his phone by then, so he used his friend's phone to
try calling me instead even when it's already lights off.
By the time i realised it, immediately dialed him but the phone was already off.
So i texted him, knowing that he'll only get to see it when he's back.
Suddenly, my phone vibrates & an unknown number(his friend's number) shown.
Finally, i picked up only the 8th call ok!
Wah! You know that kind of feelings is like striking lottery lahs!
Terrible me!

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