18 July 2008

lashes made my day

I spoilt my fake lashes while i was rushing to a test shoot.
So it gave me a reason to shop & replenish with more falsies!
All my lashes are of different designs. Yes, all different.
So if it's spoilt. I got to look for the similar pair again. LOL!

Cabbed to Chinese Garden for a short discussion & test shoot for an upcoming
group shoot.
The test shoot was a crap. I was making a fool out of myself i guess.
Looks like there are NO nice pics from that shoot. Totally NO FEEL.

I love my makeup though. I got it done in short 20mins.
So flawless, nice eyes-do. Me likes!

In my sleeping tee.. when i'm back home.

Signature pose lahs.
Can you do this?? Practise makes perfect uh!

Who says only double eyelid-ed eyes are beautiful?
I simply dig this pair of mine lors.

Yeahyeah. My entry is getting more & more boring.
Please don't abandon me for this. :(
But then again.. why must i care so much of what i'm blogging?

### Did i blogged that i've got 2 tickets for National Day Parade!
It's parade, not preview. Happy happy!

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