17 July 2008

lao niang is so bored!

Oh nono!

I've been sleeping away my precious holiday!
A full 3 days of eat, sleep, watching tv & online.
I've got lots of things to do but my time managament just sucks!

Busy week ahead... but me likes!

*Before i start, let me FCUK BLOGGER first!
I typed a whole lots of stuffs & tada, all gone cos' it couldn't publish successfully*

Anyway... will be meeting Janelle for shopping!!!!
Finally i'm getting my ass out of my house.
We gonna shop shop shop! I so feel like spending money!
I need some retail theraphy. Janice seldom shop ok!
If i would go for a shopping spree, i would buy alot in one short & not going to
shop for the rest of the months.
But i've got itchy hands to keep shopping online. Click click click, no need $$ mahs.

Suddenly... I got lots of craves!

- i wanna eat Sakae's buffet
- i wanna eat Fondue
- i wanna watch '10 promises to my dog' ( is it still screening in cinemas???)
- i wanna buy shorts! (both black & white colours)
- i wanna buy big tote bag (not those cheapo ones lors!)
- i wanna explore the sex shop(cos' i'm finally 18?! what else you thought?)
- i wanna doll up pretty pretty & camwhore!!!

&&&, iii so wanna hugg & kiissss myy bboyfriiend!!!

Days ago, when i was on the phone with boyfriend, i was complaining how bored am
i in this small little Red Dot.

[Janelle, not i loner ok! Is the whole world is either schooling or working!]

Ok. So i told him that i'm so gonna find myself a part-time boyfriend to kill time.
You know, he's now a FULL-TIME NS MEN
SAF gets him 5 or even 6 days a week, while pathetic me only get to be with him
for.. seldom 2 days, maybe 1, or worst few hours!
Hey hey! You call this full-time mehs?? People work part-time also 3 days a week can!
I feel so part-time to him lahs!

I amm sooo soo unhappy about it! Get it??

Whatever. I just wanna rant it here.
Like as if i whine & whine things will change.
Wait long long lors, wait for him to ORD. HAHA!

Yeahs. I was just kidding about the PT boyfriend part lahs!
But i'm serious for the fact that he don't have enough time for me!
Damn it! I'm demanding, i not understanding, i am possessive!
Yayayaya. I am lors... So??


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