13 July 2008

lover boy's day!

Pics at MOS last saturday!

I spotted boyfriend & Aaron at the background. LOL!

Just a short short update....

Meetup with Army Boy yesterday evening.
Was supposed to catch the flick 'Red Cliff', but we ending up eating &
chatting at Carl's Jr as boyfriend bumped into his friend.
You know, the guys kept talking about army stuffs & we girls was like so
out of topic. Especially when he already narated all the happenings to
me already. LOL!
So we skipped movie & went Haagen Dazs for ice-cream!!!!

Was such a awkward timing then. 11plus pm.
So in the end headed to Army Boy's place & we went to the park.
Hahas. It was like soooooo damn eerie can!
Damn dark & we was sitting on a swing...

Me loovvvee it much much lors!
It's a secret! Only boyfriend & i knows.

Then we headed back to his house...
& i'm back home only 4plus in the morning! Madness!
Like duh, confirm kanna nagged by mummy lors...

Blahs. Woke up 11plus in the morning & i'm still quite energetic!
Rejected work cos' of the long journey. I'm just simply lazy!

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