14 July 2008

miss universe babes

Miss Venezuela, The newly crowned Miss Universe 2008.

Hot Hot Hot!!!!

I'm catching Miss Universe 2008 on the television now while on the phone
with my Darling Boy.
In fact, i catch every pageants without fail. LOL!
Very into all this stuffs. I love to see hot babes!
& Darling Boy is so funny, he was asking me when will be my turn to represent
Singapore. HAHAHA.
He asked me the same old question when he first got to know me.
Cos' he got to know me thru a pageant, where he's the supporter of my friend.

Anyhow... Miss USA fell down.
& i heard the previous year Miss USA fell down before. Dots.. -.-
Miss Thailand & Korea super chio i tell you!
But this year's Miss Singapore is not bad too!

Miss Thailand!

Miss Korea!

Singapore's representative!


Chio not u tell me! Drooling.... HAHAHA!


Okok. Enough of that.

Meet up with Janelle cos' we need to collect our vouchers at Singpost. :)
So went to Singpost, then dined at Tori Q, then to Popular, arcade, blahs...
& ended up in MOS burger.
LOL. We even got the urge to go & catch the 'doggy' movie. Yeahs.
You know what i meant ya.

I love Milk Tea with lots of milk!!!

We was in the arcade & we saw the toy-catching-machine.
So Janelle was practically taking pics of it & mms to her 'someone' lahs.
& her 'someone' is getting for her. So good...
Will my 'someone' catch for me?? Hahas.

Was rather dress-down cos' our destination is only 10mins bus ride away
from home.

It's raining now, time to sleep.
Sian arhs... i don't know how to spent my holiday. Pfffttt!

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