04 July 2008

my last hour revision...

Good morning ,Earthlings!
It's early 7:40am now. :)

Yeahs. My title tells that i'm suppose to do last hour revision before heading the
bloody school for a management paper.

But why am i here updating??? LOL!

Some 'kuku-faced' me at the last IT Show back in March.
Just received this from one of the photog, William!

Why am i so happy?! Where to find such a cheerful model, tell me?!

I think he's trying some camera effects... But it doesn't seems working well uh!

Told you, photogs likes to take ugly candids!
I swear i didn't purposely posed like this! >.<

How playful can i get!

Okies. Super random lahs, i know.

It's Friday! My beloved is booking out!

I'm gonna party all July!

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