12 July 2008


Nearly cried after reading this. :(


Yeahs, a Chiobu's blog!

The girlfriend of the SAF man who died in Brunei.
Looking back to her June's entries, it's so heartbreaking.
I'm pratically looking at her acheives way back to may, april, .....

& finally, TAG REPLIES!!!!

10 Jul 08, 11:08 AM
jiahui: enjoy ur hols (: take care
REPLY: yes girl! i will make full use of it. u too!

10 Jul 08, 02:20 AM

jansen: i like your tiger teeth. so cute!!!
REPLY: ohhh nononono! it's ugly lors!

9 Jul 08, 09:45 PM
hazel: hey~ just blog hopping. nice blog u have here. =)
REPLY: hey hi! thanks! i did went over to ur site too. :)

9 Jul 08, 01:51 PM
eileen: ya lor.that day was crazy man.but also very paisei.
REPLY: hahas. why? u got tipsy uh? free flow no control de. LOL.

8 Jul 08, 06:39 AM
joanna: hahaha! pics from celeste!! i got alr, passed u.
REPLY: okies! i grabbed already! HAHAHA.

7 Jul 08, 01:28 AM
SHUANA: :D:D you are pretty & super skinny its nice seeing you !
REPLY: ya lors! hahas. natural born skinny eh. we chat in msn!!!

6 Jul 08, 11:37 PM
Celeste: hey there i'll link you up k
REPLY: sure babe! my honour! hahas. i'll link u too!

6 Jul 08, 05:06 AM
xia0xue: lol @ so 'underage-girl'. but you sported the look first mah.
but still, you look as sweet as ever :]

REPLY: Hmms.. its like she has the hairstyle first lehs! maybe it doesnt suit
me too.. LOL. i'm sweet... but not sweeter then u lors, babe!

4 Jul 08, 05:00 PM
jack: hi!janice is me jack here how are you today
REPLY: helllo!!!!! can u like tag something different each time?? HAHA!

2 Jul 08, 09:42 PM
amanda: hmmm counters at where??? o.O? at airport too?
REPLY: erms.. All Tangs, Isetan should have a counter of Chanel.
You go to the cosmetic, beuty product level. Yeahs. Airport has it too! :)

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