27 July 2008

saturday loves

Curls is the SEX!

Yesterday had a morning shoot at Punggol with Janelle, & photog Michael!
As usual shooting with him was fun! I did a school girl theme while Janelle
play around with some long cloth..
School girl! I hope i do look schoolgirl enough!

We started off late, & i ended off early.
Was supposed to accompany Janelle but i went off early to Mr Boyfriend's.

Guess what was my lunch????

I had some 'sausage pasta (chicken)' thingy!

I was eating his combat ration food!

The meals they had in field camp!
He was telling me i die die have to try so he smuggled a few packets of those
which includes 'glutinous rice' and 'lo mai kai'. & i tried the pasta one.

Look at the inside!
So you are supposed to eat from that packet.
Quote from boyfriend, "eat like you're squeezing toothpaste".

It tasted rather alright lehs! It's not that blend.
Not bad, seriously!
Just that you'll get sick of that taste very soon!
I ate like half, or more then half of that pack ok!

LOL! Damn funny!

Anyway, we caught this movie! The stupid but interesting show.
Stupid is becos' too draggy, & i don't understand a single shit at all.
Interesting cos' of the effects & the action scenes.

The flim was so overwhelming that we're settled on the first row!
My eyes nearly shut for a few times, was half sleeping-mode.
Half of the times the screen are dark, & suddenly came he glaring part.
Got shocked by some of the loud sound effect too.

Went back to Mr Boyfriend's place area to meetup with his ah-bang-ah-dey .
I'm so mean! HAHA! I meant his friends lahs. :)
Yeahs. He got so little time to catch up with so many things. LOL!
Oh ya.. we had dinner there too! Half chicken & sambal sotong for 3 person.
You know, guys are big eaters!
Headed home at 11plus. Which is kinda early! At least for a Saturday.
Mum was surprised that i'm home so early. HAHA. Madness.

Gonna watch tv now. Toodles!

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