14 August 2008

bits of DBMD1 0857A

I took 3months to remember my class!
DBMD1 0857A

Steven & Janice!
It was damn rare of him wanting to take pictures with me.

Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Ended up with some randoms.

Went to school with only some loose powder today.
I swear it was only loose powder & nothing else.
Damn, many noticed the change lors!
But they said not much diff, in fact more natural?
HAHA! Yay! I think i can save up quite a bit of eyeliners to school.
But hello, obviously i'm so much uglier like that!

Fuck. I flunked Marketing...?!
So gonna be a Geek now, i need to hit the books!
Too much of assignments & topics to be followed ahead.

My current wallpaper!
I so love Baby's sexy muscle!
Apparently, girls & even guys went gaga over him
after looking at my phone.
WTH, my shoot's pic cannot even compared to he's!

P/S. Bf is trying to inflat the NDP thingy.

Baby did not call me today.
He never never failed to call me unless he's sick?!
OMG. Text him also no replies. :( :( :(

Hais. Shall hug myself to bed tonight.
Have been saying i love boyfriend,
but very very long since i last mention this...

I love myself!
Alot, in fact.

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