04 August 2008

selling contact lens!

Contact Lens Advertorial.

Wanna have dolly eyes like mine?
Wanna order lens at low prices but don't know which blogshop to trust?

Visit http://oh-naughtys.blogspot.com/ now!

She has all sorts of brands like, GnG,Geo,Dueba,USA,Vassen lens!

I'm one of the regular customer,
as i simply loves all the latest lens she has.
A very friendly & responsible blogowner!

ALL lens are sold at only SGD20 a pair!

Buy more to get more discounts! Just like me! =D
This is not a paid advert. However, the owner gave me great discounts
as appreciation of my support, so i reciprocate with an avert for her!
Dealers are welcomed to!
Mail in your orders now!



I'm selling away a pair of lens as i have bought the wrong degree!
Was very very upset by it!
So decided to look for interested buyer!

USA triple tones-Blue, BOTH LENS -3.50 Degree!

lifespan - 3 mths
base curve - 8.60 mm
diameter - 14 mm
water content - 45%
retail price - S$25

the lenses are made from newly developed skin-like material
which prevents damage to the cornea . it provides remarkable
comfort on the eyes as a result of its excellent oxygen permeability.
they are manufactured through sandwich method , preventing
the colors in contact with eyes & ensuring safe wearing without
any side effects .

Pakaging is still in perfect condition inside it's mailed envelope!
I got it at
SGD 25,
getting off hands at only SGD19 !!!!!

Please help to buy if you are -3.50 degree ok!

Pleassseee mail me at

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