22 August 2008

it's all about life

Time now is, 10.45am.
Janice woke up late once again.

Can someone just pull me out of the bed every morning please?
I hated myself for not being able to woke up on time to school.
I've tried all different timing, sleeping at 8, 9, 10, 11pm, 12 & the latest 1am!
It doesn't do any help in sleeping early or late, i can still never wake up on time.
It doesn't happened to me in secondary school times. Never ever i was late.
Only for once when i'm super early, but ended up waiting for Janelle
at the void deck till we are late! Stupid things i did for bestie! LOL!
In BMC times, although the group of us ALWAYS late, but the most is
only 30mins!

I dread going to school early morning!

Many memories flooded in when BMC times....
I don't usually late, is always we waited for one another.
We are damn united, one for all, all for one.
Sometimes we ended up eating breakfast together.
For your info, our BMC clique is about 9 to 10 of them!
HAHA! I missed those days!
Those days when there are so many 'brothers & sisters' to dote on me.
Bullying me alot, but days without their stupid actions will
make me feel awkward.
We even fighted, as in those just-to-disturb-you kind of fights.
Ended up me with bruises all over! LOL!

Winwin to make sure i reached my doorsteps safely each time we went drinking!
He is always there for me to bully yet doesn't yelled back. My everyday
accompaniment to anywhere as long is the group outing.
He will always reached earlier then me in order to not let me wait for him,
the longest time i made him waited was about an hour without any naggings
or so, he just waited patiently!
& never fails to scold me 'Sot de' every single things i said!
My personal assistance to take my stuffs for me everyday without failed!
I'm always so guilty to bully u, scared that your bones will break!
Too skinny already lahs him, he's boney in fact!

Desmond to keep verbally abusing me, we can't stop bickering with each other!
Even till now, we are still on & off bickering! I remembered once, he was super
gentle to me in class. So gentle & nice attitude that the girls thought he
mistooken me as somebody else! I still prefer him to scold me!

Raynard's entertaining way of talking!
Never fails to 'di-siao' me of whatever i'm doing!

Chongyinn my 'kor kor'. I used to call him that when i want some help from him.
He will confirm turn soft-hearted upon hearing me calling him 'kor'.
Then he will treat me super good & caring like as im really his Sis.
I really thought he is my Brother lors!

Kylie & Rachael are my camwhoring mates! We camwhored like crazy!
Always together going anywhere, even the toilet.

Johannes's red cap is his signature! & everyone thought he already ORD
when he's just 17! Funny.

Jonathan came to lessons once in a blue moon, & always talk talk talk non-stop
in class.

Benjamin, he is always found at the arcade IF he is not found in class.
He is the ultimate 'toy-catcher'! He can get a toy with only 1 coin!
He gave me many many of those Stitch, Pooh, Mickey & stuffs!
So i am always found hugging different soft toys to class & in the train
like some small kids.

Eunice is Des's 'chai'(his cup of tea) ! Round round cute cute but super big voice!

Can you see that everyone was so fun! We was so bonded then?
You people will never understand! Friendship builded up in just 8months can
be that strong.
Even though a year had passed, & everyone is busy with another journey of life.
We still constantly keep in contact & meet up every time we missed each other.
LOL! Damn damn bonded can!
Everyone was damn sad after O levels as know we would never be like before.
We even said things like,
"Let's fail our O's lahs. We come back again next year!"
Hahas. Damn touching lahs!

I need to go prepare now! I still got lessons at 2pm later on!
Thanks Zhuen for helping me to hold on my stuffs, Wieli too!

Some thick skinned people is really pissing me off.
Looks who is in favour of who! You still dare to demand me?
Some people can be so not 'automatic' one!
I'm just being nice, not stupid ok.

Anyway,that sex forum is driving me crazy!
Heard that those sites got many viruses. I really hope i'm not that unlucky.
Worst, i'm getting many perverts adds in my msn & start saying things like
"Hi sexy, i wanna shoot you in lingeries, 3hours $500? &
can we have a bathroom sex shoot
Can.... Go Fuck your Mama's asshole ok!

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