08 August 2008

life of a student


meow: haha i dun speed de..
REPLY: well.. that's good!

janelleeee: janelle loveeeesss u!
REPLY: awwww! & Janice definitely loves u too!

Eric: I saw a girl at outram Mrt today look like u .. Wonder is it u ??
REPLY: i think i only passby Raffles Place, Dholby Ghaut, & Boonlay station!

dEsmOnd: YA!!! so THIN!!!!!!... eat more !! hAhha
REPLY: LOL! eat alot already! if will grow meat long ago should
have grown. hahas.

jack: hi!janice is me jack here i saw your photo i the blog just now very nice
REPLY: hello! :D :D :D

It's the fourth day of school, & i'm LATE EVERY SINGLE DAY!
My bloody lecturer is locking the doors after 9.30am. Fuck it.
Cabbed to school cos' simply too tired already. There goes my 2 red notes!!!!
Why am i so bloody tired? I slept like the whole day!
My body is aching. Mummy wanted me to pop Panadols to prevent me
falling sick, thus she won't have to take leave to take care of me!
Oh well... -.-'''

Went Ikea during breaktime with Val, Joanne, & Zhuen.
I suddenly felt like revamping my room lahs.
Re-paint it, but new furnitures... but all needs money! :(

Half of the class left during the 2nd lesson of the day.
Slept again after i'm home. Like super no energy to do anything.

Organisational Behavior is killer!
Business Accounting & Finance drained brain juices.
Exams in a month's time. I'm oh-so-dead.

Tomorrow was school, then off for an event at Paya Lebar Airbase!
My Darling Boy is booking out tomorrow night! Happy!

Anyone got event or paid shoots please intro! I need $$$$$$!
I will be more than willing to forward my profile to you!

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