15 August 2008

me love geeky specs

Check out' the Geek yo!

Town shopping with Kylie after school!
I waited for this girl for a whole of 1hour & 30mins!
Gosh! I actually went shopping alone... & started
spending money on nonsensical stuffs again,
but i pretty love with the result. :P

Update soon k!


Boyfriend is booking out early morning tomorrow.
BBQ BBQ BBQ! That's not the point.
It's Darling Boy i would love to hug!
Janice shall be a happy girl on Saturdaysss!

Cancelled a car shoot last minute tml. I'm truly sorry to people involved.
Ended up didn't contact Steven either for tonight's chill out.

Whatever luh. I'm like super tired now.
I need some quality sleep. I miss sleeping like a pig!
What a laugh!
& boyfriend is gonna give me a sweet morning call tml morning.
Let's hope he remembers to alrights. :]

Good night, everyone!
Goody-good night to my Baby Love!
Goody-goody-good night to myself!

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