23 August 2008

romantic France Romance

Amelin,& her friend, Janelle & I was at the Firework festival today!
We were sitted at the Red zone, VIP area!

France Romance was today's firework's theme.
I swear it was damn a good view from our sit!
I've got videos of it! Interested parties can pm me!

Yingxian came to meet us to head down to Esplanade together.
She will be watching tomorrow's Korea Fantasia in the stadium.

We were too hungry that we had a takeaway at BK.

While waiting... camwhoring is the best damn thing to do!

Btw, i am pointing at the Ferris Wheels!
Can someone bring me up there??

Hhhhhaaapppyyy! Very happy cos i succeeded in making my 'surprise'!
Very nicely done, at least to me! Hahas.
But my eyes are shutting off anytime.
I didn't sleep a wink at all all because of that!

Heading Boyfriend's place later on! :)
I'm planning to reach his house almost the same time as he was.
I hope he doesn't see my blog first!
Will be going on a movie, but i scare i would fall asleep in the cinema lehs!

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