03 August 2008

school reopened... sigh sigh

Kallang Leisure Park with boyfriend!
There were some Bike Fest, many many nice bikes there!
I know nothing about bikes, but i try to understand them lors!

Money No Enough 2 is best best best!
Who says not nice, at least i find it not that bad!

Damn funny!!! Damn touching too!!!
I didn't cry lahs, apparently i will only cry for those scenero where
one of the couple died, separated, very sweet moments...
which applied most on jap or korean kind of shows.
But boyfriend says he was about to cry already!
HAHA! He damn emo lahs!

Back to school tomorrow!
Should i be happy or sad????
I suddenly forgotten what time i should wake up,
how should i dress down, & what must i bring for school.
Looking at my hectic time-table i feel like crying, seriously.
Look at my exam dates make me wanna cry more lors!

My boyfriend, my best girlfriend, my Daddy's birthday,
ALL falls on my study week & exam week!

Why so 'sway' ??!! Sigh.

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