26 August 2008

tagg me yo

Sorry for the long delay....

jw: u look so cute
REPLY: Wahahaha. Cute mehs?? I think i look like some weird creature when young.

REPLY: hey. thanks yo!

yiingxiian: hahas.. u changed! only kidergarden look more like u
REPLY: is a big changes, but still do resemble me eh! LOL! yes, kindergarden looks
like me now already.

reader: hi! the cup cakes looks nice.. can share the recipe? or cant? :p
REPLY: hiii! thanks lots! HAHA! of cos can! this is the website:
I actually play cheated & used Muffin cake mix instead! It will be easier & faster
the baking process. :))

Joanna: haha, all the best for your paper girl.
REPLY: Thanks pretty! I will do my best with your wishes.

selina: miss you girl ! the cup cake looks delicious and kawaii ((:
REPLY: i miss the bubbly selina girl too! really look that nice??
happy happy!

candy ♥: boo boo, link me yet? i nvr see =p anyway, i think u look
better in jap uniform than i do (: the photographers weren't too happy
to shoot me =(
REPLY: HAHA! Okok, linked! I'm just better in acting cute only! Why aren't they
happy to shoot u..? Well, different photogs look for different aspects.
Dun worry too much ya!

Hz: http://littlemiss-hz.blogspot.com/ Relink me! Thanks ;D
REPLY: Sure thing!

P R I S ♥: you working for comex roadshow too ? ^-^
REPLY: Nope! I gave it a missed this time. Heartache for the $$ sia!
But don't wanna pon anymore lesson already. Hahas.

gillian: omg.. mr see!! the accounting n finance teacher. haha.
i got As for his subject cuz he's damn good. always give hint. lols!!
btw when u wanna collect the gown back from me? the other day i didn use..

REPLY: yaaa! that cute old man! LOL! i also got A for PAF. His class confirm
get A de! Babe, i'm seeing you tml! :)

amelia: I also want to watch fireworks!!
REPLY: I also want to go Paris!!!! HAHA!

Sarina: Hiyeee!! =D
REPLY: Heyyy! Hahaha. Funny lahs.

ruth: hey, ive change my blog url! relink me when you can. thanks!
hope this monday we'll really be getting our pay!

REPLY: Okies dear. It's really a fuck up company lahs.
I was thinking that we can forgot about getting paid already lors.

dEsmOnD: >< why put bmc.. u make me recall everything in bmc. the fun n the laugher..
argh. i really miss bmc ppl la. i wish to retake over n over again wif same ppl
HAHA. btm of my heart!!!
REPLY: i just suddenly have all the emotional building up so blog lors.
hahas. bmc times super fun lahs! it is really dumb to have said we wanna retake
again, but is a damn touching sentence! Luckily no graduation night sia, if not
sure cry! LOL! You going army soon le. Dun worry, i will miss you de! =P

jack: hi!janice

jiahui: but hokkien songs really are very sad. hahs. but better den some
rock songs that are noisy (:
REPLY: yes. the meaning very sad & true. just learnt how to appreciate oldies. LOL!

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