21 August 2008

'surprise' in progress

Rushed to JE platform straight after school to pass Gillian the gown
intend to she borrow from me.
Then headed home to put down my heavy bag, surfed some info online for
my 'surprise', & quickly went to meet my girl!
Everything was so fast fast chop chop!

Ying Xian was such a sweetie pie to accompany me to shop
for stuffs needed for 'surprise' today!
If not i would have gone shopping alone! Yay! Love you lahs!
We went from Lot 1 to Janelle's place to put the bags,
& to Jurong East again to continue hunting for some stuffs
before heading home.
Thanks for contributing some stuffs to us too!
I'll make sure the 'surprise' will turn out successful & get one for you!

Me with my god-son, Pepper!
( idk why the sun in her house is so blardy bright!)

Yingxian aka Ezanne!

Had Ah Koon as our late lunch. Or should call that high-tea?

Plans for Friday(tml):
-end class at 5pm sharp(hopefully)
-rush home by 5.40pm to change my bag
-reach Interchange by 6pm, meeting YingXian
-meeting Janelle 6.30pm at for Fireworks
-rush back to her place & work on with my 'surprises'
-done & off to bed!

Plans for Saturday:
-.............. (to be confirmed, 'surprise' in progress!)
-.............. (to be confirmed, 'surprise' in progress!))
-.............. (to be confirmed, 'surprise' in progress!))
-5pm to 9pm at Jurong Country Club for Carlsberg Ambassador
- 9pm to midnight Pubbing for Val's celebration

Plans for Sunday:
-its Boyfriend Day till he books in!

My schedule is so damn packed!
I really really have not much time to spend with Boyfriend AGAIN!
Why like that??? I'm so so depressed can!

Can't blame me for working away Saturday evening lors.
I need $$$, furthermore it's only short 4 hours.
Boyfriend got to be more understanding.
I waited for him for freaking 5 days, not too much to ask him wait
for me for 4 hours just this week right??
But i know his bookout is precious lahs. I know ok.
I'm also in dilemma upon taking up the job offer. :/

Is Boyfriend goona call me today??

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