01 August 2008

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This is ancient!
Taken monthssss ago, when it was one of my first few shoot.

I'm just back from the Expo Hall.
The travelling is almost killing me. I was like a kiasu women kept hopping for
an empty seat since the journey is damn long.
So i fell asleep in the train & ended up missing my stop!
Luckily i woke up in time, alighted at Simei & cabbed over to Expo instead.
LOL! I've got serious morning blues!

There are NATAS Fair, Property Fair, Food Fair, Carshow, & Watsons.
Guess where am i????

I know Food Fair having Healthcare thingy is no link.
But there're also a few other apparels, handbags, massages stalls there!
Totally no link lahs!

As usual, Expo Hall & Suntec Conventional Hall is the hotspot for models!
Many familiar faces were all scattered all around the different halls.
Danielle was super hot as a racequeen! Exchanged a few words with her &
back to our own job.
Same goes to Amelia too! :)

Didn't get to meet up with Jojo, Sally, & Wendy cos the Property & NATAS area
had queues!
I don't have that much of break time to slack too.

My Lunch... with my lunch-mate!

We talked cock, sing song, play mahjong to kill the boring time!

My dinner was settled at the Food Fair itself,
together with my new friend, Wai Kit!
Well, not much specialities there actually.

& yes, i DO owned a pair of 10cm high heels at home!

I know many of you must be like him again.

"you sure 10cm anot? wanna eat up your words?"
"10cm very very high lehs. you sure?"

Laughs. 10cm is nothing. I'll need to hunt for a higher heel. :)

Okok.. So we ended work an hour earlier.
Went to shop around Watsons & grabbed a few tidbits & cosmetics!

Yaya. I know they are old stocks.
But they're fucking cheap ok! Only $7.90 for one?

Trained home after a long tiring day.
My only motivation is Money!

Will not be working on the weekends.
Yeahs. Cos' Darling Boy made my weekend. =)

Awwww... how sweet!


Yesterday was a suuupppeerrr long working day too!

First half of the day was spent at Bukit Timah Plaza.
To help my Aunt to attend the stall.
They had this Bazaar kind of thing. So called be down to earn some bucks.

So my booth was selling Carpets & Lamps, which are real pretty!
They are all from Indonesia. A few hundred bucks for a lamp ok.

After which, i got changed & left for a Tengah Airbase event.
I was hoping for some 'uniform-ed' eyecandy there lahs.
But ended up we're at some Officer Mess!

There are 5 of the pretty us, Jojo, Sally, Faith, Amanda & Me!
Was kinda blur of what to do at first when we reached.
Soon.. things got in hand quite fast & jobsope is pretty easy.
& soon i ended up singing karaoke & massaging away at the massage machine!
Got free rides home too!
Don't really have much opportunity to take pics cos' phones are not allowed
to be with us. :( :( :(

Please don't ask me how i got my jobs from.
It's always last minute stuffs happening!

It's pretty late. I need to replenish my sleep!
Goodnights everyone!

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