18 August 2008

updates of the week

Finally.... time for TAG REPLIES!

JANEchan: Hi classmate. I'm Jane here, link me ok?
REPLY: hello classmate! Alrights, rmb to link me too!

jack: hi!janice
REPLY: can see that you like to hiii alot huh?! hahas.

JingFen: Hello, long time no see. Link me pls. Thanks! =)
REPLY: hey jingfen! indeed long time no see lors! okok, i will!

janice's Fan: hi pretty! ur boyfren in army? he's so lucky to be with u.
how he woo u? i wonder do i have th chance to noe u? thanx.
REPLY: hello my fan! i didn't know i'd ever have a fan! any fanclub? LOL!
you really made my day!
oh ya, my bf is serving ns. lucky is for him to say,not me. hahas.
he never really did much to woo me lehs, i kept rejecting guys at that period
of time, so my friends encouraged me to have a bf, so i ended up choosing him?
well, maybe you would like to add my on friendster instead..? :)

reader: yess, go save! beauty requires money..
REPLY: yeahs. i will! hahaha. beauty is expensive man!

Melody: hihi, u look sweet and pretty:) All girls will envy u.
I have been seeing ur blog and find out that u took a lot of shoot so
guess u r a model ba?
REPLY: hello Melody! really thanks for ur compliment! u really flattered me!
hahaha. i don't think i look sweet & pretty at all eh!
yupps. i'm doing modelling stuffs like photoshoots & events. But i don't consider
myself as a model. Model is a very professional word to use on me. I'll call it a talent!

jack: hi!janice
REPLY: hiii!

WNGS: i am Alwin la
REPLY: i know lahs! i always knew that you're known as WINGS! LOL!

Continue to tag, people!
Don't just be a silent reader! :)

I've got unknown people spying on my blog.
So i must be super sensitive while blogging?
What the shit man! Get it clear, this is MY blog!

Alrights. Peace out yeahs!~ :)

Mr See! My cute lecturer for Accountings & Finance!
He's like damn cute lahs! Wtf! Cute old man!

My new Purple lens! Looks kinda blue & natural! I like it!

BBQ day with Boyfriends & his army mates!
It's so interesting to see soooooo many Botaks there!
Too bad they are not wearing their uniform. :(

So next was Safra's Bowling Alley, but ended up playing pool.
Luckily i have Janelle to entertain me on the phone...
if not i will go crazy with the boredness! >.<

I poked this! Our signatured plate!

I love this Baby of mine! Muacks!

Pics taken last friday with Kylie.
Damn it. I feel so inferior taking pictures with her!

Sasa is having this free eyebrow trimming,
day & night makeover for Free!
So both of us when to give it a try.
We did day makeup & eyebrows trimming.
The day makeup is kinda sucky as she didn't apply like what pros does.
But the eyebrow trimming is fab!

Notice the difference in her hairstyle & length??
This girl went to buy clip-on curl extentions!
She used 3 pieces of each 20bucks. Not bad uh!

It's the Hokkien era now!
My classmates & i listens to these oldies! Don't laugh at me lors!
How come everyone laughed at me when i intro them these songs?
Too bad! You will hear them with you open my blog!
Wahahhahahaha! Laugh all you want lors!

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