30 August 2008



passerby: hey where did get the song jia hou, is it possible to send me???
REPLY: I found it in imeem. Yes, i have it.
How do u want me to send u?Thru email?

Weng Cheong: Cute darling!!! lol. i'm missing u. cant wait to see u!! =)
REPLY: My darling, baby, precious, dearie, hubby, army boy!
HAHA! Want me to call you when i bathed finished but u went pigging now!
Seeing u again tml! Haaapppyyy! Love Love!

cheryl: you look like your mom!
REPLY: Hahas! Yeahs! Used to look like Dad alot when younger.
But look super like Mummy when grew older!

ANGELA: the cotton candy buttercream thing is the topping? haha
does it taste weird! cos its cotton candy!

REPLY: The cotton candy is the icing, it will actually hardened up.
It don't taste weird! Exactly like cotton candy. Just that you got to cut
down on the sugar level cos' will be very sweet! & cut down on the butter
to not make the icing got heavy buttery smell.

Some days ago taken by webcam when we it was suppose to be a project day!

Look at them! So pervertic yo!

The random stranger uncle wanna join in the fun! LMAO!

The 3 Fuckup Ah-Lians!

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