20 August 2008

weird people is all around!

I think i look better without fringe lehs!
So matured! Me like! (provided i'm not smiling)
It's time to keep back my long fringe, no more bang-bangs.

Some guys are really weird!
Seriously something not right up there!

My blog had the highest hits of my whole blogging life yesterday.
So out of curiosity, i logged into Nuffnang to check out.
& i saw this particular link
http://www.sammyboyforum.com/adult-discussions-about-sex/90386-whoa-models.html ,

which earned me 200 more hits then usual!
Mine & even some of my friend's blog url are posted up!
What the fuck!

Thanks lors! I don't want this kind of attention.


Us in MDIS UniCampus!

Yesssss! Janelle is dating me to the Fireworks festival this Friday!
I'm like so so excited! Finally can romantic with her!
After that will be back to her house for a stay!
I will be doing something! Something to surprise precious Boyfriend!
Maybe it's not a surprise, but something sweet for him! Hehes!
Let's hope i will succeed in it! I really hope to do a good job in that!
Shall reveal what is it later k!

Bye Bye!!!

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