26 August 2008

when i was just a little girl



When i was just a little girl,
i ask my mother, what would i be?
Will i be pretty? Will i be rich?
That's what she said to me...


I'm quite convinced that i was born a boy!

Then, i'm getting more & more femine!

Let me tell you about the white plaster on my forhead.
I had a bad fall then. I used to wear mummy's retro hairband.
But i wear it in a way that it was on resting the forehead than on the hair.
So i fell & knocked my head on the ground.
Having poked by the pointed grips of the inner hairband.

The young girl grows up & went to school!

My cute little cousins!

Hey! I was born a talent lahs!

I sing!

I dance!

I do gymnastic!

I pose!

14years ago i was here taking pictures!
14years later i was working for events at the same old place.
Life can be such a joke!

Hey, who says i'm too young for a relationship!
Let me introduce my childhood boyfriend to you!

Mr Joel & Ms Janice

I know we look like a perfect match together. :)
But there are also times where he's unhappy about me,
that he wanted to whack me with that tiny plastic chair!

So i left him, & went out with Mr Scandal, KW!

Just for laughs!

Why am i touching myself?? That's so obscence!

The ultimate funniest one...




Oh ya! & a not to missed nude body of mine!

Oh well.. i'm not a cute baby afterall!
I've been lying to myself all these years that i'm cute when young,
that's why am so ugly now.
But i was wrong... i'm fated to be ugly for a whole lifetime lors!

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