08 August 2008

worked at paya lebah airbase

=) Singapore's Birthday tomorrow!

All Singaporeans do remember to appear in Red & White ya!

I ponned school's workshop today & ended up sleeping at home.
W0nder did any of my classmates signed attendance for me. Shit lors!

It's kind of a bad day at Paya Lebar Airbase.
Firstly, it was far away from my house.
Secondly, we die die have to surrender our camera phones. WTF!
Thirdly, pay was not on the spot today.
Hello! The old officers so not gentlemen lahs!
The only heartwarming thing was, time passes real fast!

Anyway, i'm NOT going to watch live NDP already!
Last minute issue & we ended up at Padang, involving in creating the largest
Singapore flag by umbrellas.
& we fucking need to reach by 2pm when NDP only starts at 5pm!
How dumb to stay under the sun for few hours doing nothing!
Will only be meeting boyfriend after that, which is don't know what time already.

Then i'll need to go pay respects to ancesters on Sunday.
Everything will only end in the afternoon.
Will try to escape out after that, but parents will surely want me to
accompany them or all sorts of nonsense. I can predict already.
Meaning, i do not get to meet boyfriend much this week
& even next week cos' he will be having outings with his army mates.
So i'm left only pathetic Sunday again.
Walao.. Faster ORD lehs, boy! LOL.

Darling is enjoying at the pub now.
Later he go wink at girls, how? Hug girls, how how?
Bring girls home, how how how?
This better not happen!

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