05 September 2008

birthdays madness

Posing for ALLUTEC.

Oh my, oh my!

Boyfriend's birthday is just a couple of days later.
Bestie's birthday is just two days after Boyfriend's.
& Daddy's birthday is also two days after Bestie's!
Plus a Desmond, Chongyinn, Kylie... so many September babies!

Why all the loved ones' birthdays falls on Sept??!!! -.-

Ok. Presents are gonna burn a big hole in my pocket. LOL!

Janelle's birthday is more or less easier to plan, cos she herself planned it!
As for Boyfriend.... damn SAF spoiled my plan again.
You know, he kanna reserve for guard duty the night before his birthday!
(got so sway or not!)
Meaning i wouldn't be able to count down his birthday with him & blah blah!
Very angry right! Now i don't know how to celebrate for him already lahs.
Anyone got any ideas wanna share?? :D

Anyway,went to Janelle's class party on Wednesday night, then headed to Zouk.
It's Halloween themed for Janelle's class party!
Not bad! It's already very good for a class party eh.
Cabbed to Zouk. Phuture was fulled so we ended up jumping to Butterfactory!
Mambo night is seriously for Aunties. Me still loves RnB uh!
That night was super fun though without much alcoholic drinks.
Good girls like me don't drink. *angelic smile*

I'm lazy to upload pics!


Boyfriend is booking out soon!
Counting down 5 days to his POP!
I can't imagine i actually waited for him for whole damn 3months already!
Time flewssss!

I got Airbase event again later evening!


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