17 September 2008

let's go back to some recent updates

It is supposed to be study week, but i self-proclaimed it as holiday.
OB paper was badly done! Sheesh~
So i mended in up with my BAF paper.
I can't believe i can actually fail E maths but can Ace for Accounting.
I'm like, weird?
Endure! Just one more paper to go, Marketing!!!!!!
Because of it, my whole weekend scheduled are screwed!

Love life:
Nothing much but just Baby's house every alt. days.
He had fun bullying me i guess. Oh. He LIKES to bully me!
Ohh! We watched Phobia at home!
It was like the best damn horror movie ever lahs!
Fucking scary & gross!

Yeahs. Hell lots of happening last week.
Castings, 10th monthsary, Baby's birthday, Janelle's birthday,......

Upcoming week will be photoshoot, Jojo, Desmond birthday, Cheongsum event, D&D event.
Busy week ahead too!


Pls pls pls, do not msn me " hi." "how are you?" "what are you doing?"
You hear me say "hi" "im fine" "online lors" you not sian arhs???
I can't be bothered with these people for most of the times.

Tags Replies!!!

CheeZe: hello Mahjong pro!!, yea, go ahead n steal them
REPLY: hahaha. you are calling yourself! i'm just purely lucky! stolen le!

Ray: thanks for letting me on to e cab in e morning =D ^^
REPLY: 100bucks cab fare! thanks! LOL!

jack: hi!JANICE
REPLY: hiii

candy ♥: great seeing you =D btw, help me see my blog, the nuffnang ads thing can see? i cant see it on my blog =/
now u see again? can see? =/ lol.
REPLY: reply u on your tagboard! :D

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