22 September 2008

mirror is grosss!

New module commence. Day was rather fine.
A very sudden decision to catch MIRRORS after school.
So Joanne, Valerie, Wieli, Steven & I headed to Lot 1.
Unfortunately, we met some attitude bitch who insisted to check our IC.

So the 2 underage ended up not being able to get the tics.
We ended up cabbing to West Mall to try our luck again.
This time round i managed to persuade that counter guy! LOL!

More pictures of my fat face + crooked teeth + fake boobs for ' -' ! (:

You spam, I ban. Simple as that.

Yes, i do have chubby cheeks & i think i look darn cute with them.
Tiger/Vampire teeth is my trademark, though it's unpleasant. I accepted.
As for fake big boobs, i find it rather amusing!
Did i reveal any part of my boobies or clevages in any of my photos?!
90% of my photos were all safely covered, unless you got cocked eyes!
"Fake big boob" - you are trying to tell me my boobs looks big to you??
Hahahaha. Thanks uh! Cos my boobs size aren't big!
I'm skinny, & i think my size suits me. Don't see the need to fake them.
I am proud of my whole self, for my current acheivements in pageants & modelling.

Don't be jealous, kiddo!
You can't be me, & will never be me.
No words could bring me down.

Janice is so in love with herself!
& i'm definitely much prettier then you. :) :) :)
[brainless wicked witch who only knows how to critisize people anynomously]

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