29 September 2008

ocbc f1 race

Gillian babe printed out these whole stack of notes for me,
we are supposed to know all these before event.

Look at our chio uniform!

Was working with 2 other race girls, Mandy & Rumi!

The polaroid photographer!

Our jobscope is to take polariods photos with the people & watch the F1!
They even have their own OCBC DAYTONA Race!

Massa is such a dissapointment last night!
He would have won if not for his 'gan-chiong-ness'!
(those who watched the race would know what i'm talking about!)

Tons of polaroids taken!

I love the hairstyle & makeup that day!
Perfectly right for race girls!
All thanks to the MUA from NbyN. :)

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