30 September 2008


An advanced Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims!

Hello all, this is important!
If you are a student & you happened to have this particular textbook,
which you don't need it for the moment/don't want it anymore,
kindly inform me alright?!
I would be glad if you could lend it to me, or sell it to me for cheap cheap price!

I noticed you guys are "seeing red" due to my previous post.
HAHA. My bad, my bad!

Anyway, i'm still quite affected by both the Ferrari's incident!
Like why they can be 1st in the preliminary round but 13th at the race?!
I always thought Ferarri is good! But ended up Renault won!

Ok. No lessons for today, cos' its the Hari Raya Eve.
So i well spent my morning at the library with Wieli with our project!

I guess i'll get crossed-eyes soon if i were to look at the lcd screen anymore longer!
Totally suffering when you got not enough sleep for the previous night.
Ok, when did i ever be satisfied with my sleep?? :p

Just 1 picture snapped in the library,
while Weili was searching high & low for the books.

We left at late afternoon, & i headed to Little India for a Tourism Board casting.
Urrgghh! I swear i was perspiring whole lot, sweating like a pig!
I am practically aimlessly walking rounds & rounds before i could find my way.
By the time i reached, i looked damn shag lahs!
Was interviewed by only 1 lady when there was supposed to be 3 instead!
Anyhow, whatever lahs! LOL!

Got back home again after that.
Was lying on my comfy bed while texting my boy.
Soon after, i found myself in faraway Lalaland..
I fell asleep in just few minutes of lying down relaxing!
It happens every single time lors.
I was telling my boy that, maybe that bed of mine got spell on it!

Look at all the little breakouts! Eeeeekk!

It will be exactly a week since i last met Darling Boy!
I'm so gonna meet him tml! I think i'll go crazy with all the missings soon.
He's so going to made it up for it. I don't care.

P/S: I've got many bruises all around my hands & legs! Clumsy me got myself
injured when i don't even know about it. Boo!

Here come the Tag Replies!

steph: ok i gonna see u on my bday 18 oct. must come wor dun back up last min ah:)
REPLY: HAHA! okies okies! should not be a problem! i'll see u den! =)

P R I S ♥: oh alright then. and i agreed with what you say about massa.
REPLY: yupps. :) lols! ya lors. the pit stop people also screwed it up!

:): whr didi you go for all these photoshoots? looks good babe.

REPLY: hi. which photoshoot did u refer to?? for the family portraits series are
packages signed up at NaughtyBy Nature. As for those individual shoots, they are
from individual photogs lors. That's my job. ^^ HAHA! thanks uh!

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