26 October 2008


I happened to chance upon one of Baby's camp-mate's friendster account,
& saw these 2 photos of Baby's. HAHA!
I think he'll be so so surprised that i actually managed to found this!

The BBQ gathering, i was there that day too!
Let's all laugh at Baby's stupid face! :P

Those Botaks are oh-so-cute right??
LOL! They looked so kuku lors!
Try to spot Baby! Click to enlarge! Clue: top level!

Yay! Back-dated photos taken on the army camp event with the officers!

Did you miss me??? I know you do!
Awww... that's so sweet!

I bought my first ever g-string, & my tongs, with 2 sexy lingeries today ! :)
What's so excited was, it is in LEOPARD PRINTS!
Sounds so kinky yeahs? Laughs!

Alrights.. i got to go!

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