15 October 2008

Chalet at Downtown East

I'm one motherfucking brainless girl!
I actually formatted my Digicam's memory card WITHOUT
backing up them in my folder first!
(i got the habit of formatting my memory card quite often,
but i will always remember to transfer them first!)
All other randoms which are not posted on my blog are all gone!
Gone... Now & forever! Why am i so dumb??!!!
My parent's pictures were inside, those cousin's wedding's picture! Arrgghh!!!
I'll be in deep deep shit if my parents are gonna asked for it.
Damn it!!!!!
Very angry with myself now...

Anyway, Happy 20th Birthday, Jocelyn Shi Li Juan!

I think we all certainly looked red, shag, & wasted in those pictures.

Li Juan, the birthday girl!

Okies. That bouquet of flowers & perfume set is neither from Boyfriend,
nor admirers. & are definitely NOT mine.
Those are the gifts from us to Li Juan!

Juan's friend. Showing us his card tricks!

Played "Indian Poker, Black Jack, Truth or Dare..."

The dares i get were... asking a guy for his number & must memorize it,
squeeze & pinch a guy's ass! , and Sexy dance for 20secs with videoing!!!

Truth questions was " what is the colour & design of my undies" -.-

Left early wanted to catch the last train, but we ended up cabbing home
as the train service has ended before we reached.
Long long trip back from Pasir Ris to Jurong West.
Therefore, we camwhored the WHOLE journey!

My part time lover!



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