27 October 2008


It's public holiday yo!

Woke up at 11 by 爱爱's call, & rushed to prepare myself for the date!
I showered without washing my hair! Opps.. ok to be a dirty pig for once right?
HAHA! I flew out of my house to a few blocks away with my parents to my
mum's friend's place for visiting.
I stuffed all the kueh kueh into my mouth as it was to show respect to the
owner, & left after 5 minutes upon reaching!
Cabbed over to meet my 爱爱 with his army mate & the girl.

Caught HSM3 & it was nice nice nice!
I never had a prom night before lors! My Sec4 graduation had no prom night
due to the lousy choices & programme proposed by the school!
How sad right! :(

My 爱爱 no need to book in for 2 days!!!!
That silly boy was grinning so happily! HAHA!
Of cos i'm happy too lors! LOL!

I love my 爱爱 fucking lots!
My 爱爱 should know it himself!

There's so many things i wanna do, & i need to do.
But life is not as smooth as what you wished it would be.
The more you planned & the more hope pinned on, the more it wouldn't come true.
Sometimes, we ought to be more realistic. Let nature takes it's course.
It's not easy being a 18 years old like me, who carries many many high hopes from people around.
I'm often being seen like a spoilt pampered baby girl.
But the fact is, i am very very independant! Far beyond your imagination.
I earned my own income, at the age of 16. Every single belongings i own,
including the grand piano, & computer at home were bought by yours truly alone.
I bring home money for my parents at that young age, which i believed not many
able to do that. Gradually as i've grown up, solitary isn't any problem for me.
So what you guy's thinks i'm a loner. I actually enjoys to be alone sometimes.
I may not be an intelligent student, but at least i did not gave up on my studies.
Half the school fees was paid as a motivation & reminder for myself.
My freelance job is a well-paid industry to most, which is the reason for my
reasonable income. But hey, it is NOT a stable income.

I appreciate every chances that i have, irreguardless of how many rejections i got the same time.
I worked very hard for everything. But the more i acheived, the higher hopes are pinned on me.
I'm not acknowledged for what i've got, yet. Needless to say to hear praises.
What's makes you think that i'm doing some indecent job because my pay is much higher then yours!
Showgirls & photography models are cheap?? That is a very crude remark.
You & your traditionally thinking.
Please, i'm just an ordinary 18 year old girl. It's too young for an 18 to handle all these.
My parents will not understand this. Neither do the outsiders know about the true facts.

Don't worry, i'm very fine. Not sad nor emo.
Just felt unjustified by some of the comments heard, by some loved ones.
This is the only place i can expressed myself, somewhere to throw out my inner soul.


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