09 October 2008

some thoughts...

My ulcer is killing me!
Wanted to visit the clinic,
but i'm lazy to travel to the polyclinic.
I don't want to waste the money on private clinic
as it is just an ulcer.
I'm not acting like a spoilt brat/millionaire daughter
to see the doctor for such a small issue,
but i'm suffering hell time by that fucking big ulcer!
It is affecting my health, my mind, my body, my mood & everything!
I need something to cure it right away.

It's the 4th day already...
I miss my Darling alot alot alot alot alot!
Oh yes, he needs to stay-in again.
Not only his living condition is worst
(which he kept complaining), the rules & timing to
sleep are like shit too.
We only get to chat on the phone 20mins or so,
as he needs to be asleep by 10pm!
Nvm. What is worst is that he will only be booking
out on every Saturday's afternoon!
Everything will last for 6 weeks!

1 week = 7days
6 weeks = 7 x 6 = 42 days
42days x 24hrs = 1008 hours
1008 x 60mins = 60480 minutes
60480 x 60secs = 3628800 seconds

Imagine multiplying these numbers by another 1&half years
before his ORD...!

This is crazy!
I hate waiting,
Really hope i'll get used to it soon!
I will try, but not sure how long i can hold on.
Loneliness, temptations, leads to.....
Many many stories/experiences have been heard & told.

It would be our 11th monthsary this coming Saturday!
That should be something to be happy about!
Cos' after this Saturday,
we'll be stepping into our very 1st year! (: (: (:

It would be late afternoon by the time
Boyfriend is home.
There's nothing much we can do by then.
I can predict it shall just be another normal day.

Sad to say, our 1st anniversary falls on a Tuesday.
Sheesh! We can't spent this special day together!
Oh well, another normal day again..


Have been shopping online recently.

Long time since i last watch a movie.
There's few flicks i wanna catch,
Connected, Painted Skin, The house bunny...
Planning to get a new handphone.
Got a sudden urge to hit the beach for some
sea-breeze chilling,
or the Wild wild wet &
Escape for some adrenaline rush!

I know there would be someone who is willing to
bring me there,
but i would wished for that someone is 'you'.

When will you able to hug me to sleep again?

Can Saturday just come quickly, i need my Babylove.

Don't like it when you're not at my sight in the crowd of humans.
Don't like it when friends around me are spending honey time
with their loved ones & i'm all alone.
Don't like it when the one standing beside me is not you.
Don't like it when i can't hold the hand, lean on the shoulder
beside me cos' it is simply not you!

I've been your good girl, good girlfriend!
I Love You.

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