16 October 2008

so loved by you

I've got the urge to shout out loud that.....


my mind is filled with you, you, and just you!
that shows how much i missed you!
it's so nice to be in love, sometimes. (:

Here are your replies!!! :)

jack: hi!janice is me jack here
REPLY: Ya, hello!

JoeY: taged taged...
REPLY: lols! okk!

Sky: Do advertise as much as u want in my blog =X
REPLY: HAHA! I flooded your site lors!

reader: waaa! you can wear the leopard dress?? luckily i never buy. cos im M size..
REPLY: Yes, can! I'm already skinny yet it is very tight fit for me too!
The cutting is very small! I feel fat in it! HAHA!

yimei: hey hey... here i come! tagged! and a piece of tiramisu for u! hehe..

REPLY: hahaha.. what a nick for it! *wink*

jack: hi!janice

Annabel: hi, had emailed you but din receive your reply recently. does it means
not selling anymore. apologies for keep asking eh price can be negotiated ya.
REPLY: Yes pretty, all settled! Hope you like it ya! Hahas.

REPLY: Hi classmate! Let's work hard for upcoming examsss!!

yimei: hahaha lols.. tag tag! oh ya jus wanna tell u innov8 not good de..
lots of problem will occur!
REPLY: Huh! Nvm, i'm not interested in that phone . It looks quite N95-alike! LOL.

Ray: u come to sch today ?? tsk, give u First sweet ^^
REPLY: Yes i came! But sad to say, i'm fucking late every single day!

JoeY: Im here too worx...
REPLY: LOL! Welcome!

AlbertJee: Tagged, Hello Chio Bu Nice to see U yeh
REPLY: Hello! Hahas! Who's the Chiobu?? Definitely not me ya!

stephen: omg~everyone's tag you mention same thing.=.=
REPLY: Hahahahahahahaha. What lahs!!

P R I S ♥: & ya, is super painful to have it inside the throat. cant swallow food. ):
REPLY: OMG! That's so scary! Must be too 'heaty'! Drink herbal tea!
Hope it's getting better! :)

School, or Sentosa??
Who's going??? Class outing!!! *screams*

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