14 October 2008

juan's 20th celebration

Am waiting for my Kakis to signal me to be out of the house.
I'm soooo freaking sleepy till the extent my eyes are just half-opened now.
I slept very early nowadays ok! Not long after bidding goodbyes with Baby!
So, about 11pm? Very early right?
But i dreamt of something every single night. Got many many dreams,
which made my mind can't really rest enough?!
So much for sleeping early -.-"

Econs test was alright i guess! Confident only on a few of the questions.
We copied like nobody's business! Shhhh! Hahas.

Cabbed to Chinatown with Valerie & Joanne.
Cab fare was so cheap! All thanks to him! My bad! LOL LOL LOL!
The girls proceeded for facial session while i roam around looking
for Lijuan's present, but to no avail.
So went to meet Photog Michael for my Absolute Vodka!
Travelled back to Jurong again & settled her present finally.

Oh anyway, i'm heading Chalet tonight at Downtown East! :)
Pretty reluctant to go as i'm fucking broke now.
I am penniless!!!!!! Long time hasn't have this feeling already!

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