07 October 2008

jus a quick update

Hello people, did you guys miss me??
I'm back blogging once again..

*trying to clear the nose, reaching for the tissue box*

Having difficulties pronouncing ords when talking, smiling/laughing,
& even eating all because of the DAMN ULCER in my mouth!
One big fatass ulcer which is ultrafuckingchickenmacnugget painful!

First of all, some outdated pics.
Taken last week by the smuggled Digital camera in the
Gombak Hilltop Camp.
Guys there was really shy & they rather mingle among themselves then us!
So we ended up singing karaoke & random chatting around.

Was working with those 2 fun babes, Yvonne & Janelle!

Followed by some randoms!

At Baby's house, on the clubbing day, for Jojo's birthday.
Check out my sexy back! Love this sexy mini dress!

These are 2 months ago's pic!
On the day of Val's birthday i think. Hahas.

Last Saturday, woke up at 5plus in the morning for the Aids Event
at Habourfront terminal. Why there? to give out those condoms for
uncles/ah pehs to Batam or whatever it is for prostitution. LOL!

Met alot of weird people there, really alot!
I was so stunned, as Geylang's people are way more 'obedient' then people
at Harbourfront.
I got guy in twenties asking for my number. Got 1 aunty actually touched my cheek!
Another absurb incident was told by Candy, that 1 ah-pek actually came beside
me, eye-ed on me from top to toe, and went back giving his friends the
'good'(thumbs up) hand signal. -.-

I shall see this babe again for other events!
Love my curls! :D

Was playing overnight Mahjong over at Janelle's place as i was called over
for BBQ! So i bought Baby along!
Yay! I was the overall big winner! Won about 20odd bucks! Hahahahaha.
They are damn pek chek over me kept winning lahs.. LOL!
Janelle went straight for work, & her boy went off short after.
So left me & Baby sleeping in the house!

It took me freaking long to wake this pighead up.
But this boy look sooooo adorable when sleeping lahs!

So it was Sunday's afternoon.
Finallyyyyy met up with the Botak Desmond for lunch!
HAHA! After so long of outings & outings.. finally lunch-ed together at JP.
No pictures of me with him, cos' i was bare faced for that day! LOL!

That's bout all. Short update for the weekend. (:

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