26 October 2008

my dear lunchbox...

Boyfriend threw away my lunchbox COS it was rotten!
Why rotten? He left the lunchbox at home & book in without washing it!
How smart can he get lors, really!

Not the lunchbox that i'm concerning about, it's the memories!
My well-known for 'Janice's cutest & fattest lunchbox'.
Cutest, cos it's damn act cute, too cute for a sec4 student!
Normal 16 years old student will just bring a normal tupperware,
who would bring a lunchbox like me right?
Fattest, cos everyone would tend to bring the biggest lunchbox to bring home
more shares of the food! I'm greedy! LOL!
Last of all, it's my mummy who bought it for me.

It's rotten rotten rotten now!

RIP, my dear lunchbox! I miss you! :'(

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