30 October 2008


My love! :)

2 days ago, on Tuesday, met Angelynn & Yingxian for lunch at JP.
As usual, i'm lateeee! hahas!
After settling some here & there, Yingxian & I went Cineleisure to get
something for her 1st anniversary!
Congratz to that super sweet couple Yingxian, not forgetting her beau Edwin!

[speaking of anniversary, Baby's & mine is coming in less than 2 weeks time!
It falls on a Tuesday & obviously he is in camp lors. I thought we could celebrate
earlier on the Saturday before Tuesday. I thought so!
However, i just received a bad news from him that he is not able to book out on
that Saturday! His out field was bloody hell on the 8th, 9th,10th,11th!
Field camp lehs, meaning can't even use hp lors.

So it means we only left this coming Saturday, which is a tard too early to celebrate it.
But but but... there'll be possibilities that he only books out at evening!
Celebrate what shit you tell me?? Go eat shit better lors!! >.< & i don't like belated! Why can't it just be on that day??? It's a pity to last so long together but you can't spend that day together with that special one! :( I never had a boyfriend whom i'm so crazily in love lors! Sigh. Can't bring myself to imagine us together for 2nd or 3rd year.

Totally no idea what to do for him, maybe nothing.
Poor boy must be very sad to see this.
My jealousy level is till the max now! Yes, jealous over people celebrating
anniversaries but i can't. Stupid, but yeahs.]

Alrights. Back to the topic. Sorry for the side-tracking!

After town, we decided to head to Marina Square just to play that
toy-catcher machine! Very random i know. We are crazy girls!
So spent quite a few bucks on the machines, and ended up
getting these!

We wanted to catch this but did not succeed lors!!!
Saddddd! Who wanna catch this for me???

We splitted our ways to find our own boyfriends!
Reached Baby's place not long & get to know that he needs to book in that night!
So everything was very rush! & i helped him to iron his uniform!
HAHAHA. I think i did a bad job. I suck at housework seriously!
Went out with Baby together, he was on the way to his camp while i bus-ed home.

Have been having super light makeup/no makeup on recently.
Time to allow my skin to breath!

Totally bare! Fucking ugly!

It's Halloween tomorrow!
Where are you guys partying at???
Will be working tml! $$$..

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