20 October 2008

stephanie's party at pub


Saturday night fever!!!
Got so wasted that night!!! Damn high!!!
Poor thing Baby got to take care of me. HAHA!
He got so pissed! I think i will get banned for nightlife soon!!!


Woke up earlier than usual to prepare Baby's lunchbox!

We did not manage to catch any movie due to the rushing timings.
So ended up buying tidbits & stuffs! LOL!
Baby like Pocky & Hello Panda! But must be strawberry flavoured!
I love both too, but the chocolates ones! Hahaha!

Cabbed over to a Western Restuarant at Pasir Panjang for
late dinner, and then headed to the pub!

At pub Cocoon! While we are still sober!

Still strong & ready to fight!

Oh nono! Gone crazy!

Many ex-pioneers were there!
Was a great time to get together again after so so long!

Chao Hui & Me.

Naughty us!

Cake cutting!
Look at how cute her cake was! Me want too!

We cried, we laugh, we did lots of retarded stuffs!
HAHA! A bunch of crazy girls!
It was supposed to be Birthday girl who is drunk, but ended up the whole
lots of us was KO-ed!

What's worst was, i puked outside Baby's house!
Lucky it wasn't inside the house or on him!
Gosh! Am so guilty can!
Fuck beers! Not any more for me!

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