17 October 2008

This is a very random post

No Sentosa, no lessons, but SLEEPING AT HOME!
It's always like that lors.. Laughs.
I see no point going to school as i know i'd be wasting time chatting in class.

Spent SGD22+26.50+4.90+14.60 = 68 dollars on online shopping today!!!
Can anyone just help me chop of my fingers??

Moolahs flew away just like that :(

Kiss goodbye!

That is NOT a normal puddle of water.
It's URINE!!! Hope that part of his rots!

Human jam in Boonlay Station.

LOL! Definitely not mine! xP

I bought TOTO on that 3million prize day!

This seems to be the largest i can make.. click for a bigger view!
Sexy wallpaper of myself huh?!

Videos of us fulfilling our dares at Li Juan's chalet!
Hillarious! Click on the 'play'!

1st: Jerald singing Aaron Kwok's song
2nd: Li juan pole dancing
3rd: Janice sexy dancing

Suddenly got the feel to step into the kitchen, so i bought some ingredients.
I'm going to cook for Baby in the morning!
Kambatteh neh!

**** Shit lors! Baby knew i'm gonna cook for him, he even guessed
correctly the dish that i'm going to cook lahs!!!! So not fun liaos!
Nvm. I shall feed him with many many other dishes i've learnt in my
secondary school days. Time to refresh memory & dig out all the recipes.
HAHA! He's like so damn fortunate lors! Living emperor life uh!
I don't even have this kind of treatment! So unfair right?? Say 'yes'!

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