08 October 2008



meow: WOW janice dollar!!:P
REPLY: wahahas! cool hors?? want my notes with my faces anot?? LOL!

FIO: is this blog nice??
see this blog.. it's not mine.. but i want you to see it
REPLY: lols! anther 'thatgirl'. not your blog then whose blog? not bad. xP

via: hey....i back here to visit...how r u doing lately....great pics ...
really enjoy to view...do take care...adios.
hey janice...thx for ur compliment...ur blog is very nice too...dats why iam here today
care for blog link exchange if u like my blog too?
REPLY: hello! im fine, other than my darn ulcer! hahas. thanks for liking my blog. :)
do continue to be my reader...

reader: update update!!
REPLY: sorry for dissapearing :) updated le!

jack: hi!janice i am jack here just now at 6:30pm to 7:00pm i saw you at the sentosa express train
and i can recoginse you and you can't recoginse me ok and you sms to me or contact me at 90439521
hi!jsnice i am jack here just now at 6:30 to 7:00 pm i saw you at the sentosa
express train and i can recoginse you and you can't recoginse me ok
REPLY: Oh gosh! Yes, i'm at Sentosa that day! I think you saw the very ugly me.

candy ♥: boooooooooooo. pictures!!! xD and u haven cool down? lol! =pp
REPLY: lols!

steph: gal , my bday on 18 oct u coming anot? i sms u , u never reply
REPLY: should be ok bahs! hahas! i nv received ur sms lehs! did you have
my updated number anot??

Weng Cheong: sorry dar!! i realli mean it. text me back when u cooled
down ok. love u!!!
REPLY: My idiotic, yet lovable Baby! :)

P R I S ♥: I heard the NS is the fifth guys dieing for extreme training!
REPLY: really?.. but i heard he is unfit cos he's on MC. oh well.. very saddening!

Mandy: Hey Ger.. Flying Pass to say HI!! haha.. I wan the photos We took
In the EVent!!! add me in msn k
REPLY: hello my ocbc-mate! added & sent u the photos le yo! :)

-: u have yet to teach me how to be ugly like u !
REPLY: oh! i think i'm darn gorgeous actually!

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