31 October 2008

zhuen's birthday, halloween day


Every girls should take a look at this!


Chinese new year is coming soonnnnn!
Time to stock up your wardrobe with pretty apparels!
Buy, buy, buy!!!


*A sent ME a nudge*
A: hello..
A: sent me a link,shall not disclose it here.
A: wtf. is she even qualified to be there??!! lol.
ME: huh? hiii...
ME: wait.. why is she using my format but just edited her details!
A: yupp. wanna tell you abt that.
ME: omg! she so unique uh! confirm more popular then me liaos!
ME: *roll eyes* hahaha.. ok.. bad to bitch over here -.-
A: she unique? haha. you so bad.
ME: really mahs.. you also said, does she even qualified to be here.
with no originality somemore!
ME: :P :P :P
A: chill chill. u still my favourite ok.
ME: lols! wth! favourite lehs!

A is one of a photographer btw.
I know you guys don't really understand our conversation,
we're talking about a forum.

ewwww! didn't know i have copycats too! Laughs!

Gosh! My blog is lagging due to the large quantity of pictures!
Woke up at 9am today! Cos i'm supposed to meet Gillian babe up!
I'm so gonna get myself a pair of boots! It's pretty troublesome to borrow
here & there. Yes, definitely getting one once i get my pay! Yippie! :D

Headed to the library after that, & bought some snacks for lunch.
Back home & here am i lazing infront of my laptop.
I'm going to flip a few pages of my book before getting myself ready
for work later.

I wanna party tonight! Clubbing is going to be so so fun!
My weird parents is encouraging me to have some fun tonight!
They gave me 20bucks to spend. HAHA!
But... my Baby doesn't allow me to club! Urrgghh...!!
Is anyone going to dress up as some icons tonight???
I so wanna get dressed up & party lors! :(
Shall see how later on!


& if i'm not wrong, it's Huirong birthday too!

p/s: i'm very sorry for the not replying of tags!!!
very very sorry about it!! too many of them flooding in,
so i will selectively reply them on the next post alright! so sorry!
do continue tagging me so that i know i'm not blogging to myself!
will try my best to reply ya!!!!!

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